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Start Soaking Those Beans

boston baked beans I’ve got a fantastic Jill Dupleix recipe for home-made baked beans that starts: “Don’t wake up in the morning and spontaneously decide to have this for breakfast. Instead, wake up yesterday morning and decide to have it for breakfast today.”

This month we’ve been helping some of our favourite clients – and some new ones – prepare really critical tenders. In some cases it’s make or break time. Many of them have talked about what they could or should have done yesterday to prepare for today’s funding environment.

We’ve been suggesting to them that they start thinking today about tomorrow’s breakfast.  When a tender is announced it’s really too late to set up partnership arrangements, put quality systems in place, start collecting meaningful outcomes data or plan an effective service model from scratch.

We know it’s really hard to think ahead when you’re busy doing your organisation’s work. But the bottom line is that every organisation needs to be thinking about the future if it’s going to survive and thrive. So start soaking those beans now!

If you’d like the baked beans recipe, or you want help with thinking about your organisation’s future, give us a call.

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